Purple Panda Arcade


HTC Vive - Virtual Reality

We are one of the two arcades that offers VR in Georgia

The Future has arrived. Virtual Reality has been dreamed about almost as long as video games, especially 3D games. The Purple Panda hosts the most sophisticated VR system Planet Earth has to offer. HTC Vive Virtual reality system allows you to experience the sense of immersion with the virtual environment.  Allowing you to escape from the real world just long enough to enjoy yourself,  to let go and allow the story to unfold around you.

Technology has progressed and the virtual gaming hardware has matured with headsets that offer a great experience and the best part is, that VR is now affordable.  Purple Panda is one of only two locations in the state of Georgia that offers this type of technology. So come visit us and let the Purple Panda guide you through the world of dreams.

We offer a wide variety of games and here are some of our most popular attractions. 

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